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Heather Tucker
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Welcome to Heather’s SEXify Her Group Coaching Program to Create the Marriage You’ve Been Praying to God For.

Heather & her husband Chuck have overcome 12 years of sexlessness during their 21 years of marriage, and are here to help you fall back in love, & reconnect emotionally/physically/spiritually. You will have a marriage that is stronger, & fully SEXified with loads of juicy orgasms.

You will receive in pre-recorded video format:

✔ Proven Strategies to Help You Fall Back in Love with Your Husband

✔ Proven Strategies to Have the Most Intense Orgasms of Your Life

✔ Proven Strategies to Unleash Body & Sexual Confidence, Releasing Religious Sexual Shame & Guilt so that You're Showing Up as Your Most Powerful Confident Self with Your Husband

✔ Proven Strategies to Fight Less & to be Truly Understood & Seen by Your Husband

✔ Proven Strategies to Heal Yourself From Past Trauma & Abuse so that it's Not Impacting Your Marriage & Sex Life

✔ Proven Strategies to Increase Confidence

✔ Proven Strategies to Avoid & Overcome a Sexless Marriage

✔ Proven Strategies to Increase Sex Drive

✔ Receive "How to" Pleasure Him Class Taught by Heather, so that You Can Learn How to Perform, Spice it Up, & Love BJ's More, Have More Confidence, & Deepen Your Intimacy & Connection with Your Husband

✔ Receive "How to" Pleasure Her Class Taught by Heather, so that Your Husband Can Walk Away Feeling More Happy & Confident, Knowing He's Pleased & Satisfied You

✔ Receive "How to" Pleasure Yourself Class Taught by Heather, to Help You Know What Turns You On so that You Can Communicate that to Your Husband, Giving You Powerful Orgasms, & to Help Spice Up Your Facetime Conversations When He's Out of Town

✔ Receive "How to" Strip Tease & Lap Dance Classes Taught by Heather to Help You Embrace Your God Given Sensual Sexual Energy in a Non Sleazy Way & to Give You a Way to Spice Up the Marriage Bed

✔ Program Includes Bi-Weekly Live Zoom Support/Coaching Calls


I'm finding I'm getting way more from Heather's help because she completely understands the strict religious background and God's views of things.

I love the perspective she comes from.

I'm ready to cancel my weekly therapist and just keep going through her SEXify Her program over and over. LOL!

Thanks for being such a great counselor Heather!

Leslie, Private Client

I am SO HAPPY I dared to do something for myself (I wanted to gain confidence, learn things for me, etc) and take Heather's advice.

Heather has such a way of making you feel totally comfortable to share the deepest parts of your soul and feel good about doing it.

I will admit I've got skeletons in my closet that I was scared ?less to bring up. I have not felt an ounce of guilt or shame in spilling it out to Heather.

Heather has been such a relief and lifesaver in trusting what the right thing to do was for me. And I did it. Wow.

Thank you HEATHER for caring enough about your client's (I really don't feel like a client, I feel more like a trusted friend) healing and results to put yourself out there like MUTHA and do whatever it takes to help them break free!

It took freaking SACRIFICE on your part and such boldness to be strong and stand up for your message; ah my God you are such an inspiration to me and I can't thank you enough for fighting through it all!

I am better and my marriage is better because of you!!

Thank you!

Katie, Private Client
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